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Bark Mulch Application and Installation
Chelmsford & Middlesex County MA

Massachusetts based Red Wagon Landscaping offers expertise when it comes to Bark Mulch installation. By using a Bark Blower, we will carefully spread mulch directly to the jobsite using lightweight hoses, which leaves existing landscapes undamaged by foot traffic. We offer mulch blowing and mulch installation services for clients in the Chelmsford MA, southern NH and Massachusetts areas.

The way we spread mulch with the Bark Blower is different from the conventional methods of spreading mulch with a wheelbarrow and shovels. This machine saves our MA based clients labor and time! Our method is exceptional.

“We Charge by the Yard”

When it comes to getting the best in bark mulch application, look no further than to the experts at Chelmsford MA based Red Wagon Landscaping! Our service for MA based homeowners is different from the competitions. In addition we will:

  • Spread mulch on areas where a manual crew cannot
  • Use a precise control application which allows for accurate bed depths
  • Spread mulch for residential and commercial customers
  • Apply mulch with extreme efficiency and eliminate intensive hand applications

Are you a MA based landscape company in need of our Bark Blower Service? Call Red Wagon Landscaping at 978-250-9866 today for more information!

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